We offer you the opportunity to come to our farm and experience the fun of harvesting a wide variety of our own fruits and vegetables. Check back each weekend for something new to pick! The tentative schedule* is as follows. Please call ahead for availability.
Pick Your Own Produce

Click here to see our complete list of crops available for sale.
*Due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances, all dates, times, and crops are tentative. Call ahead for confirmation. 
(215) 357-2850
Produce                               Tentative Dates
Strawberries                                Closed 
​Peas                                          Closed 
​Peaches                                     Closed 
Beans                                    Sat & Sun, 11-5
​Tomatoes                                     Call
​Peppers                                Sat & Sun, 11-5
​Eggplant                                     Closed
Corn                                     Sat & Sun, 11-5
Apples                                   Sat & Sun, 11-5

Squash                                     Sept-Oct
​Broccoli                                       October
Cucumbers                                Sept-Oct
Pumpkins                              Starts Sept. 28
​Rambo Apples                             Closed

​     While supplies last!! Call for availability.